Our Mission

The Conservation Police Lodge was chartered in 1982 and was organized by the Conservation Police Officers in Illinois for the following objectives:

Promotion of the wise and ethical use of the natural resources of the State of Illinois. Promotion of scientific management of those resources while giving consideration to the needs and opinions of the citizens of the state in management. Promotion of legislation which benefits the natural resources, hunters, fishermen and all outdoor recreation pursuits. To Provide scholarships for college students pursuing careers in the Natural Resource Protection. To improve public awareness and support for the Natural Resource Protection field. To provide a means of interaction between the Conservation Police Officers and Police Officers in other fields and agencies.

To work for the protection and safety of the public while they are enjoying their outdoor pursuits. Promotion of professional, community based police work by Conservation Police Officers. To educate the citizens of the State of Illinois about the natural resources of the state and the value of the protection provided by the Laws and the Conservation Police Officers.

Hiring Information

For information on hiring please call the training division at 217-782-6431 or visit dnr.illinois.gov